WECO Co., Ltd. proposes Ozone Technology that is professional and applicable to various fields.


High-concentration, high-purity Ozone Generator

WECO received a metal disk-shaped discharge tube manufacturing technology (Patent Registration No. 10-1109552), MGDT (Micro Gab Discharge Technology) from the Korea Institute of Machinery and Material, which produces high-concentration, high-purity ozone for semiconductor processing. Based on MGDT technology, we have developed our own ozone generator, and the ozone production concentration of the machine is 14% wt.

Feed Gas Oxygen
Flow Rate 3 LPM
Ozone Output 14%wt (209.7 g/m³), at 18℃
Cooling Water Temperature 5 ~ 25℃ (3 LPM)
Nominal Cell Pressure 2bar (30psi)
Voltage Requirements 208 VAC(±10%)
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Water Treatment

WECO's high-concentration high-purity ozone generator is an integrated modular system capable of generating large-capacity ozone and consists of up to 12 multi-channels. Its applications are Advanced Oxidation Process and Semiconductor Processing.

Ozone Generator 12 channel
Power Supply Max output 450W, 20kHz
Feed Gas Oxygen 99.9%
Ozone Output 0 ~ 20%wt(305.9 g/m³) per channel at 18℃
Ozone Generation efficiency 184.4 g/kWh
Cooling Water Temperature 5 ~ 25℃ (channel 3 LPM )
Voltage Requirements 208 volts AC (±10%), three phase
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