WECO Corporation has the most professional know-how based on the best domestic performance record of new facility set up and shifting.

We have the most professional know-how based on the best performance in setting up new equipment and installing equipment in Korea. Based on the rich experience ans SOP, Including the dismantling, importing, installing, adjusting and process of various machinery facilities, including FPD and semiconductor facilities, the company has a high level of technical skills and expertise and provides high-quality service not only in Korea but also in other countries.


Features of WECO

다양한 이설작업

Consists of knowledgeable and experienced personnel through various installation work

고객과의 약속

Establish detailed work plan to implement promises with customers

기본 절차

Create a safe working environment based on strict compliance with basic procedures

작업 품질

Placement of professional personnal to improve work quality

자체 제작한

Work process and quality standardization of all employees through self-made SOP manual


Improvement of facilities, overhaul, modification of program


Installation condition examination

Before dismantling the installation, record the condition and characteristics of installation on inspection sheet

Program back up / facility mapping

Writing down the information that is needed for each facility’s operation program back up and facility installation (Layout blueprint and UT Marking blueprint)

Facility breaking up / packaging

For the relocating and packaging of facility, we disassemble piping and wiring including the docking parts and package it while preventing it from exposure to outside substances (Conduct labeling for connected parts and each facility and write dismantling direction while disparting)

Facility shipping out/ shipping in

Processing shipping company and loading company

Facility set up

Install the facility at a location which was line-marked before shipping and conduct docking between facilities, conduct wiring, connect pipes, adjust return level, and send in every equipment

Adjustment/ Examination

By setting the data of the control-use check sheet, adjusting the facility, checking the operation condition, sending in various utilities, and checking the return condition (Hot Run reaction is available when it is needed)

Technical support CS business

WECO Corporation has facility engineers and software engineers who have lots of experience and highly skilled technical abilities regarding the display automation facility maintenance field in and out of the country. Thus, it actualizes our customers’ satisfaction.

Process improvement

Static removal technique

CNT Roller installation and return shaft ground, ultrapure CO₂ Bubble Module installation, X-ray Ionizer installation control

Foreign substance removal technique

Water Jet, ultrasonic waves washing

Increase in drying ability

Dual Knife

Reduction technology

DI Recycle System, EPSS(Eco Photo Resist Supply System)

Technology providing service

Installation and adjustment of FPD and semiconductor, installation overhaul and examination, system software development and improvement.